What is the Best Rice Flour Brand? 3 Surprising Names to Choose From

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By Ashley Woodward • Last Updated: February 16, 2023

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What is the Best Rice Flour Brand

Rice flour has a lot of uses, from being an excellent alternative to wheat flour to making desserts, and even as thickeners. Today, let’s get to know what is the best rice flour brand in this new post!

Flour Facts!

Rice flour is made from finely milled rice from either white or brown rice. Its origin is unclear but one thing is certain that it came from Asia.

Although we cannot point out the exact country, some records suggest that it basically came from China and later on traveled to Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Because rice flour is gluten-free, you cannot use this as an ingredient to yeasty loaves of bread and pastries.

Nutritional Values of Rice Flour

When it comes to counting the health values of rice flour, we need to break it down into two, the white rice flour and the brown rice flour.

Of course, you all know that white rice has been stripped off of all its health benefits while the brown rice is the healthiest rice variety.

However, in terms of texture, white rice is smoother and finer once processed into rice flour while the brown rice has a rough texture.

Nonetheless, we cannot deny the overall nutritional values of rice flour. Here is a list of the nutrients you can get for every cup of rice flour:

  • 7g of Fiber
  • 11g of Protein
  • 121g of Carbohydrates
  • 58% of Vitamin B6
  • 17% of Iron
  • 53% Phosphorus
  • 44% of Magnesium
  • 26% Zinc
  • And more
Uses of Rice Flour

Uses of Rice Flour

Like rice, its rice flour counterpart has many uses. You can practically use rice flour in a wide variety of options. Here are a few:


In culinary aspects, rice flour is made into desserts like cakes, biscuits, thickener for soups, stews, noodles, pancakes, and more.

Some of the famous recipes of rice flour include roti, rice cake, dosa, muffins, shortbread, and many others.

Mushroom Cultivation

The brown rice flour is an active ingredient in edible mushroom cultivation, especially when combined with vermiculite.

Together with vermiculite, sawdust, water, and brown rice flour create a substrate or a layer where the mushrooms grow and thrive.


Apart from the edible and culinary uses of rice flour, it is also a common ingredient in various Asian cosmetics like the face powder.

Rice is believed to absorb sebum or the excess oils on your skin and leave it dry and clean.

It can also be used as a pack or face mask combined with cucumber or lemon juice.

Top 3 Rice Flour Brands

Arrowhead Mills Organic Gluten-Free White Rice Flour

Arrowhead Mills offers a Non-GMO verified, gluten-free white rice flour that is ideal for making a variety of cakes, cookies, and slices of bread.

This brand started its journey in Texas Panhandle back in 1960 and since then, it has managed to provide the same reliable milling process.

It comes in a resealable container for easy storage. A great alternative for what flour if you are trying to count your calories and carbs intake.

Some of the customers have even made pie crust, cake, and pizza crust out of this brand’s gluten-free rice flour.

Anthony’s Brown Rice Flour

Another brand to look for when shopping for rice flour is Anthony’s Brown Rice flour. It’s certified vegan and natural and even comes from a stone-ground process from California medium-grain rice.

Anthony’s brown rice flour is a proud product of California, where the rice is grown, harvested, and milled.

Ideal recipes for this product are shortcakes, cereals, waffles, and cookies. People love its very fine texture even though it came from brown rice, making it one of the most loved brands.

The product also comes in a 5lg-resealable bag so it’s easier for you to store it for future use.

Thai Rice Flour

Some people prefer authenticity in buying products, especially when it comes to food.

Thai Rice Flour is among the top choices of authentic and traditional rice flours.

Its rice flour comes in 16 oz. bag and is a certified product of Thailand. Many customers find this brand better for bread making, crust, pancakes, and other great recipes.

When it comes to storage, this brand does not offer a resealable bag which forces you to make a little effort in storing this rice flour.

Rice Flour Brand

What is the Best Rice Flour Brand?

Among these 3 brands presented above, the best rice flour brand is Anthony’s Brown Rice Flour.

Customers love the super fine texture of the brown rice flour apart from its health benefits of being Vegan and all-natural.

Another excellent feature of this brand is the versatility of the rice flour to cook a wider variety of recipes. You can enjoy guilt-free indulgement from cookies, cakes, bread, and many more.

Anthony’s Brown Rice Flour is locally sourced in California, USA with adherence to varying tests and certifications. You can rest assure that it does not contain harmful ingredients and non-vegan elements.

Each brown rice flour comes in 2.27 kg resealable bag, ideal for batch cooking.

What makes this brand extra special is the way it processes the flour. The brown rice flour is produced by grinding California medium-grain rice and stabilized rice bran before you can enjoy the smooth and fine texture.


Rice flour has a rich history and a wide range of uses. Not only does it give us delicious pastries, but it can also thicken our favorite soups and stews.

Apart from that, rice flour also comes in two forms, the white rice, and the brown rice flour. Of course, needless to say, brown rice flour is healthier because it has not undergone much milling process compared to white rice.

Above all these, we have just discovered what is the best rice flour brand which is Anthony’s brown rice flour.

It’s packed with a quality brand, certified rice flour process, and a variety of cooking options as well as non-culinary uses. I hope I was able to help you decide which rice flour to choose the next time you need it!

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