What is the Best Japanese Rice Cooker – Get a Perfect Rice, Every Time

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By Ashley Woodward • Last Updated: February 16, 2023

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What is the Best Japanese Rice Cooker

Hello everyone, today I will answer the question what is the best japanese rice cooker. For most Asians, happiness is a bowl of rice. And, why not? Rice is considered one of the staple foods in majority of the Asian’s diet.

That’s why when it comes to preparing rice, Asians always know better. This is very true particularly among the Japanese people, who have made rice cooking into a form of art.

The History of Rice Cookers in Japan

Kamado stove for cooking rice
Kamado, traditional stove in Japan

Cooking rice used to be an arduous task. Before the modern rice cooker was introduced, people cooked rice in earthenware pots on a kamado, a wood-burning stove. Controlling the fire needed to cook the rice in this ancient stove was far from easy.

One will need to watch over the fire to ensure the right heat to cook the rice. Here is an old Japanese rhyme pertaining to the challenge of cooking rice back in time,

“Hajime choro choro, naka pappa, butsu butsu iu koro hi o hiite,”

You see, this old rhyme actually instructs the cook “to begin at low heat, then increase the heat, and then lower the heat again when the inside of the pot begins to bubble.”

It was not until the year 1955 that the first commercial electric rice cooker was introduced in the Japanese households. It was manufactured by the Toshiba Corporation, which took years in the making. This early generation of rice cooker used the double-pot indirect cooking method.

People found out that this double-pot method still takes more time to cook the rice and not to mention, consumes much electricity. Before long it was phased out as the revolution of the rice cooker technology continued.

In 1965, Zojirushi introduced the keep-warm feature. And in the 1980’s, the induction heating rice cooker technology was given birth. Fast forward to these days, rice cookers have become more advanced which made rice cooking more convenient – with rice cookers cooking rice ‘perfect every time’.

The Biggest Japanese Rice Cooker Manufacturers

japan city, japanese rice cooker manufacturers

More than just mere food for hunger satiety, rice has been deeply rooted into the Japanese culture. It only makes sense that when it comes to rice cookers, Japanese Rice Cookers are simply the most reliable and outstanding brands.

Here are some of the popularly known biggest Japanese brands that has transformed rice cooking into science:


Thanks to Zojirushi’s introduction of the “keep warm” feature, now we can always enjoy our rice nice and warm (even if it would mean dinner at 2am).

From MICOM rice cookers to the more advanced Induction Heating rice cooker technology, Zojirushi has been producing industry-standard rice cookers that has allowed cooking of the tastiest rice in the most convenient ways possible.


When it comes to high-grade rice cookers, Tiger Corporation is known to be one of the industry leaders.


Recognized as the first successful producer of commercial rice cookers, Toshiba is another top-rated rice cooker brand in Japan.


Panasonic is a highly-esteemed manufacturer of easy-to-use advanced rice cookers that you can see in the market now.


The makers of reasonably-priced functional and reliable rice cookers, Hitachi has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted rice cooker brands in Japan.

What is the Best Japanese Rice Cooker – The Top 5

1. Zojirushi NS-TSC Rice Cooker

One of the best rice cookers included in my list of best rice cookers, Zojirushi NS-TSC makes cooking ‘perfect rice every time’ literally a piece of cake. Well actually, this rice cooker brand does have an option for baking cake.

Amazing, isn’t it? This rice cooker from the Japanese rice cooker brand giant, Zojirushi, is a versatile rice cooker with advanced features and solid design. Plus, it comes with a steaming tray perfect for your steam cooking needs.

2. Zojirushi NP-HCC XH Rice Cooker

When it comes to variety, Zojirushi NP-HCC XH Rice Cooker can easily win the top spot. From cooking brown rice to white rice and sweet rice to sushi rice, this rice cooker makes cooking of different types of rice easy and perfect every time.

In addition, the technologies included in this rice cooker make this device satisfy the needs of even the most sophisticated rice gourmets.

Rice Cooker JAX-T10U

3. Tiger JAX-T10U-K Rice Cooker

Tiger JAX-T10U-K Rice Cooker uses the MICOM technology in the most brilliant way. It has a smart monitoring system that automatically adjusts temperature resulting in perfect quality cooked rice each time.

Its advanced functionalities include cooking variety of rice, slow cooking and steaming. It comes with a steaming tray and Synchro plate ideal for synchro-cooking.

4. Hitachi RZ-VS2M-N Rice Cooker

Hitachi is known for providing convenience-centered rice cookers available in comparatively cheaper price. Now, this Hitachi RZ-VS2M-N has a round shape that comes with a flat lid.

What makes this rice cooker a perfect choice when it comes to convenience is that, this product comes with an iron pot that you can remove and carry. So just like that, you can simply place the pot right on your table.

5. Toshiba RC-10VRG-R Rice Cooker

Although a bit pricey, Toshiba RC-10VRG-R Rice Cooker can be your best choice of rice cooker if you want to make sure you get the tastiest rice every single time. The product uses the more advanced Induction Heating technology, which probably explains the price.

In addition, it comes with a compact design and is guaranteed to be made out of quality materials that will certainly last for years.

So, Are the Japanese Rice Cookers the Best Option for You?

plate with sushi

As the Japanese are known for their rice diet, it would not be surprising to know that the best brands of rice cookers are produced from Japan.

This is aside from the fact that, Japan-made appliances generally have the reputation for quality and durability.

Japanese Rice Cookers come in a wide range of styles with most of them having integrated special functions. Want to cook brown rice? Just click the button for brown rice. Craving for sushi? Go ahead press the button for sushi.

With guaranteed durability, reliability and advanced technology that you can expect in most of the Japanese-made rice cookers, what really is there not to like? The answer would really be obvious – the price.

There is no denying that Japanese rice cookers are one of the most expensive rice cookers in the market. And, if you really are not into rice cooking you will most likely think it’s just a waste of money.

The bottom line is, if you find yourself cooking just one type of rice, then a low-cost, basic rice cooker will probably work for you. However, if you are after the perfect rice quality each and every time in a variety of delicious meals that you can share with your loved ones, then Japanese rice cookers should be a smart investment for you.

How do you find our picks of Japanese rice cookers? There are many kinds of Japanese rice cookers in the market nowadays. Check out these brands and you’ll find that Japanese rice cookers are definitely worth a try.