What is a Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker and How does It Work?

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By Ashley Woodward • Last Updated: February 16, 2023

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What is a Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker

What is a fuzzy logic rice cooker? If you are not a kitchen person well maybe you might be alienated of the term but for those kitchen warriors, fuzzy logic rice cookers are the trend that everyone is getting hooked with.

Fuzzy logic rice cookers have the AI capability to cook rice with expertise; Yup! Even you failed cooking 101. This brilliant kitchen equipment can cook different rice varieties which consider various elements and factors that can affect the cooking such as temperature, water level, and more.

For example, cooking brown rice is chewier than basmati rice, so it needs more water to fully cook the grains compared to the latter. Upon using a fuzzy logic rice cooker, the brown rice is cooked longer at very low temperatures to surely cook the hard kernels with several heat adjustments in between, giving you the perfectly cooked brown rice.

Meaning, the machine itself will make the certain adjustments for you unlike conventional rice cookers that work two ways only either on or off, leaving you as well with either cooked or uncooked rice. So to speak, fuzzy logic rice cookers are the machines we all desire to be in the kitchen.

What is a Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker and How does It Work?

fuzzy logic rice cooker & warmer NS-ZCC10/18

Fuzzy rice cookers work just like the standard rice cooker but way better. It uses a special technology that allows the machine to work on its own smoothly. This technology in rice cookers uses fuzzy logic or fuzzy sets;

Fuzzy sets are unknown sets in mathematical equation which is an extension of elements that are neither inside yes nor no.

Fuzzy logic is an automated technology that senses the “maybes”, “slightly” and the “unsure” in a given operation.

To make it more clearly, it is like saying that all birds can fly but what about ducks? Aren’t they classified as birds too? So in a way they can either be yes and no thus giving more rationale to a given statement or situation.

Anyway, in relation to rice cooker machines, fuzzy logic is more accurate in terms of considering the many factors of cooking like grain variety, cooking tasks, heat index, air, and many more. Like for example, the conventional rice cooker has only on and off options wherein the machine heats up to a certain degree and then turns off without considering if the rice is already cooked or not.

Fuzzy logic rice cookers know how to adjust to different conditions as long as the water level indicated to the kind of rice being cooked is correct. Like the regular rice cookers, fuzzy logic rice cookers can also cook not only many types of rice like jasmine or sticky rice but also various other dishes like stew.

Thanks to Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh of UC Berkeley who introduced fuzzy logic in 1965 which are then being used in other home appliances today.

Why Fuzzy is the best

There are plenty of other rice cooker technologies out in the market but fuzzy logic rice cookers top them all if I may say. This is because it has flexible options and sensible way of cooking. It makes perfect rice really good even if done by beginners; simply the best way to impress your friends and colleagues.

These are the other types of rice cookers you can choose from:

  • Standard Rice Cookers – Easy to use and cooks decent rice with single or regular options
  • Improved Rice Cookers – As the name implies, it can do few more things such as cooking white and brown rice plus steaming options; quite better than the standard though
  • Induction Heat Rice Cookers- Have multiple rice cooking options made from high technology parts with several other cooking methods too but quite a bit expensive. One of the best rice cookers of this type is 3 cups Zojirushi NP-GBC05
Induction Heating System Rice Cooker

There are a lot of notable rice cooker brands which uses fuzzy logic technology too but this technology was first popularized by Zojirushi rice cookers. Zojirushi is a Japanese company that manufactures kitchen equipments and house wares.

Focusing on Japans main obsessions which are rice and robots, they opted to study more about improving the way the rice is cooked by using rice cookers with fuzzy logic.

Here are also the other brands that use the same technology:

  • Tiger Corporation
  • Cuckoo
  • Aroma

The following video shows fuzzy logic technology rice cookers from Zojirushi company.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Cooking is really a craft. It is not for everybody but if you have the right equipment for you then maybe that will change. If you could just have it all then you would probably get all top-of-the-line cooking equipments out in the market.

However it doesn’t work that way, there are certain things you need to consider in buying equipments most especially the rice cooker.

  1. The type of rice – Before buying rice cookers, you can make a list of the types of rice you frequently cook at home like jasmine or basmati, because different brands and manufacturers create different cookers for various types of rice.
  2. Safety- This is very important factor to consider because usually we just leave the rice cooker plugged in while keeping it warm. You must check if all safety standards of the brand you are looking for have been met and what are their additional safety precautions.
  3. Size- Consider the size of the rice cooker you will be buying, if you are a small family then you can think about getting the small to medium sized rice cookers.
  4. Function- If apart from rice, you plan to cook other dishes as well then think about buying a standard or multi-functional rice cooker.
  5. Budget- This will be the main factor one should consider when buying. Set a budget for the rice cooker you want and then add along the other considerations.


Knowing your needs is very important when choosing the right rice cooker for you. In this fast paced generation, multi-functional equipments are really a “thing” especially for independent, single, and always on-the-go person like you.

You need equipment that does more than you expect and can motivate you to do more in return. You need a rice cooker that can “think” on its own and perform its given actions without too much external forces. When you use fuzzy logic rice cookers, then this will be the time you can call yourself an expert, trust me. Now pass along the rice please.

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