Easy Vegan Whipped Cream Recipe

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By Barbara Hodge • Last Updated: December 24, 2023
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Easy Vegan Whipped Cream Recipe

Best vegan whipped cream ever! Ready in 5 minutes, no coconut! Lean how to make the fluffiest healthy whipped cream and give life to your dream sweets today! This is a perfect alternative to vegan coconut whipped cream.

Vegan Whipped Cream

Light and fluffy dairy-free whipped cream is possible to make at home! It’s easy to make, and doesn’t have to involve coconut! This vegan whipped cream is a vegan alternative for heavy cream.

Read on for this vegan whipped cream recipe and start making your favourite vegan creamy desserts!

What is vegan whipped cream?

Coconut is often used for whipped cream for vegans, as a vegan heavy cream or whipped cream, but there’s another way!

Also, vegan whipped cream used to be available in supermarkets with the dairy free Cool Whip. While it was non-dairy before, it no longer is. So making it at home is the way to go!

This vegan whipped cream substitute can be made just in five minutes, and the secret is aquafaba. It’s a real game changer!

How do you make it!?

Vegan whipped cream can be made out of chickpea liquid from tinned chickpeas. It can be made into lactose free and dairy free whipping cream. It’s all plant based with no oil or animal product included! This healthy whipped cream will change your life!

Aquafaba acts as your veganized egg white for whipped cream. Hard to believe it’s possible, but trust me, aquafaba is like vegan whipped cream magic!

It’s super easy to make with only four ingredients.

peak formed Vegan Whipped Cream topped on a hand mixer

How to Make Vegan Whipped Cream

You can choose either canned chickpeas or dried chickpeas. Making whipped cream from a can is super simple and easy. Try with the can first:

  1. Drain chickpea juice with a strainer and keep it into a mixing bowl.
  2. Add cream of tar tar.
  3. Beat aquafaba with a hand mixer or a blender for three minutes.
  4. Add powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Keep beating until the peaks are formed.

That’s it! Plant based whipped cream is ready!

  • Chickpea juice looks creamy brown in color. But don’t worry, once whipped, it gets pure white color.
  • It doesn’t have a strong taste. And there’s no need to add salt if you use aquafaba for dessert.
  • Don’t have cream of tartar or lemon juice? No problem! It may take longer, but you can still make aquafaba whipped cream. Keep whipping.

Once you get familiar with chickpea water from the can, you can try making homemade aquafaba. In this way, you can make it when you cook the chickpeas yourself rather than use canned chickpeas. Find out more on how to make aquafaba from dried chickpeas.

How to make this dairy-free whipped cream quickly

  • Cream of tartar reduces the whipping time. It’s about 5 minutes to get firm with a hand mixer.
  • Keep aquafaba in the fridge and cool it down before you start beating with a hand mixer.
  • Add cream of tartar not later but when you actually start beating. Yes, the right from the start.

How to make this plant based whipped cream stable

  • Add lemon juice just towards the end of beating with a hand mixer. This makes whipped cream stable and shiny.
  • When you use lemon juice, no need to add cream of tartar. Choose lemon juice or cream of tartar.

Whipping cream is not forming!

Make sure you’ve added cream of tartar or lemon juice. Keep beating further. If not 5 minute, but keep beating but no more than 10 minutes.

Try to add cornstarch in whipping cream. It absorbs excess liquid. Start from adding one tea spoon cornstarch powder.

Tips for the Best Vegan Whipped Cream

How to store this plant based cream?

It’s only a couple of hours that whipped aquafaba can hold its shape. So always prepare it just before using.

Can you freeze this whipped cream substitute?

Yes you can! It’s only a few hours to keep aquafaba whipped cream in a fridge. So, why not to make extra and store in the freezer? Transfer it into a freezer bag and leave it up to two months.

Defrost the bag at room temperature or transfer the frozen whipped cream into a container. The texture looks not like before but once you whip it up a bit, it become as it was.

When you need extra firmness of aquafaba whipped cream, I get some whipped from a freezer and add it into a bowl. Then start beating with aquafaba water.

How to use this whipped cream

You can use as a heavy cream substitute for vegan, like as vegan whipped cream topping for strawberries, blueberries and of vegan cakes! I’ve also used it for topping Vegan Pumpkin Pie.

Coconut whipped cream can be another vegan whipped cream substitute.

Easy Vegan Whipped Cream Recipe

Vegan Whipped Cream Recipe

Barbara Hodge
Best vegan whipped cream ever! Ready in 5 minutes and No Coconut! Lean how to make the fluffiest healthy whipped cream and give life to your dream sweets today!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine Western
Servings 3 cups


  • ¾ cup aquafaba (yielded from a chickpea can)
  • ¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
  • ¾ cup powdered sugar
  • ½ tablespoon vanilla extract


  • Drain chickpea water from a can and transfer it into a mixing bowl. The chickpea water from the can is itself aquafaba. The amount of aquafaba vary dependent on the brands, but one can of chickpea usually contains ½ cup of aquafaba and that is about 12 tablespoon chickpea water.
  • Add cream of tartar. Start beating for 3 minutes. Then add vanilla extract and powdered sugar. Once vanilla extract is added, the cream puts a slightly brown colour but no need to worry. Keep beating until the peaks are formed.
    That's it!


How to store whipped cream
Whipped cream does not last in the fridge. So divide and keep it into freezer bags and keep them for 2 months.  

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