Easy Mushroom Powder Recipe

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By Barbara Hodge • Last Updated: October 26, 2023
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Easy Mushroom Powder Recipe

If you like to create rich umami without zero effort, try this Mushroom Powder. You can create instant umami to any savory dish in zero second with this mushroom powder seasoning!

Mushroom Powder

The word ‘umami’ is originated from Japan, and this savory flavour is central in Japanese cuisine. Mushroom is one of the best ingredient for umami. The only problem is that it takes hours to extract umami from it. With this mushroom powder, you need zero second!

I love mushroom powder, and use it as seasoning often. It helps you elevate the flavour of any kinds of savory dish to the next level. What you only need is to add this powder. That’s it! It’s msg free, preservative free or any additives free seasoning.

You can find this mushroom powder seasoning at Japanese or Asian shops or health stores. A good thing is that you can make it easily at home with zero effort. Only you need is to find the right ingredient, and master this Mushroom Powder Recipe.

Bring joy into your life and share it with loved ones. Read on!

What is mushroom powder?

It’s made of dehydrated mushrooms. The type of mushroom often used for is porched mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. They are powdered and are easy to combine in soups or cook with.

I often use it as seasoning. It’s a perfect flavor enhancer. It’s a secret weapon in vegetarian cooking, and can be applied to various cuisine and dishes.

Why making umami with it?

Umami was discovered by a Japanese scientist, IKEDA Kikune. (source) This savory flavour, umami, comes from plants and meats, and have three compounds:

  • glutamate
  • inosinate
  • guanylate

In Japan, we use four ingredients to extract each umami compounds:

  • dried shiitake mushroom
  • dried kombu
  • bonito flakes
  • dried anchovies

Dried shiitake mushroom is one of the central ingredients we use. It contains guanylate. When this guanylate meets kombu’s glutamate, the umami is multiplied and becomes like a flavour bomb! This is the secret of umami in Japanese food. You can create rich umami simply adding this powder into soups, fried or simmered vegetables, vegetable gyoza, ramen, and even in ice cream!

Best mushroom for this recipe

Any edible dried mushroom can be used for the powder. The regular one you can find at the shop is porcini mushroom powder, and I make shiitake mushroom powder.

Shiitake mushroom is Japanese mushroom and is globally available. It contains one of the highest vitamin D and fivers among others. It’s health benefit has been received much international attention. (source)

You can find dried shiitake mushrooms at local Japanese shops or online, and there are two kinds:

  • kinsho (the image left above)
  • genboku (the image right above)

Kinsho shiitake grows in artificially created environment, with organic nutrition and a sawdust fungal bed. These mushrooms are cultivated in three months. Genboku shiitake, which grows on a dried log in the natural environment, takes two years to cultivate.

What you need to get is the genboku dried shiitake mushroom (the image at right above). They are incomparable to kinsho in terms of the flavour, texture, flagrance and umami taste. Pick up the donko or koushin dried shiitake mushrooms. They are both grown on a log in the natural environment (genboku).

How to use mushroom powder

What do you use it for varies. You can use it for any savory dish you can imagine. I use it for:

  • pasta, udon, soba noodles, ramen and gyoza
  • soup, stew, oden, miso soup and tomato sauce
  • sautéing or roasting vegetables
  • Japanese savory pancake (okonomiyaki) and fried noodles (yakisoba)

Simply add the powder as seasoning. That’s it!

I’ve seen it for coffee, and actually mushroom coffee is in the market. I added one tablespoon to ice cream. The taste and flavour becomes more condensed and enriched.

When to use

Add heat. The flavour, taste and umami improve. Add the powder and cook.

How to make mushroom powder

All you do is only one step, and to bring dried mushroom into powder. If you have a food processor or coffee grinder, you can make the powder instance. I took for one minute to make the powder. Open the lid when the powdery dust settled.

If you don’t have them, try to use grater. If the powder is not fine enough, use a mortar and a pestle after grated. That’s it! Start enjoying this instant umami powder!


How long does the mushroom powder last?

Place the powder into an air-tight container, and can leave it in the fridge for a year. Make sure as soon as you use the powder, close the lid tight. Keep the container it in the fridge.

Does mushroom powder contain msg?

No our powder doesn’t contain msg.

What is mushroom powder made of?

Only one ingredient, dehydrated mushrooms. Any edible dried mushroom works. Genboku shiitake mushroom is the perfect umami flavour enhencer in cooking.

More cooking basics

Easy Mushroom Powder Recipe

Mushroom Powder Recipe

Barbara Hodge
If you like to create rich umami without zero effort, try this mushroom powder. You can create instant umami to any savory dish in zero second and that can be achievable with this mushroom powder seasoning!
Prep Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute
Course Cooking Basics
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Japanese, Vegan, Vegetarian
Servings 1 cup


  • cup mushrooms (note 1)
  • teaspoon onion powder (optional)


  • Place the dried mushrooms in the food processor.
  • Process them until powdered. It takes about one minute. Open the lid once the dust is settled.
    That's it! Start using mushroom powder. Enjoy!


  1. Any dried mushrooms can work for this recipe. My recommendation is dried shiitake mushroom, which is available at local Japanese shop, Asian store or online. Find genboku shiitake mushrooms which grow on a lodge in the natural environment. The differences of the flavour, aroma, taste and umami to other shiitake mushrooms are remarkable. Either donko or koshin mushrooms work, and they are both brown in genboku method.
How to save
Place the mushroom powder in the air-tight container for one year in the fridge.