How to Cook Rice Pudding in a Rice Cooker, A Healthy and Delicious Recipe

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How to Cook Rice Pudding in a Rice Cooker

Hi there! We bet you can’t get enough of rice pudding yet so today we will discover the quickest way to enjoy this delicious recipe by learning how to cook rice pudding in a rice cooker. Enjoy!


Winter might be over in most parts of the world but it seems we can’t get enough of rice pudding recipes.

In the previous post, what is the best rice for rice pudding, we discovered that rice pudding is actually a European recipe that has spread worldwide.

Rice Pudding has so many names and versions as well as varieties depending on the country and region. When you say rice pudding, the first thing that comes into mind is rice cooked in a base like water, milk or cream.

However, there are usually 5 main ingredients in a rice pudding namely:

  • rice (any grains apart from instant rice)
  • milk (any kinds of milk whole, coconut, almond, cream, and evaporated)
  • spices (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg)
  • sweeteners (condensed, sugar, honey)
  • toppings (nuts, fruits, vanilla)

Eggs are optional depending on the kind of pudding you wish to cook. Some like it warm while other like it cold.

In Southeast Asia particularly, there are various versions of rice pudding with Chinese influences known as sweet rice porridge. Since then, rice pudding did not just become a comfort food during winter but all year round.

Rice What?

Rice pudding has so many names around the world. The method of cooking may be slightly different but the roots are the same.

Here are the popular names for rice pudding worldwide:

rice pudding for breakfast

In Europe

  • Spain – Arroz con leche
  • Portugal- Arroz doce
  • Italy- Budino di riso
  • Germany- Milchreis
  • Poland- Ryż na mleku
  • Turkey- Sütlaç
  • France- Riz au lait

In Asia

  • Indonesia- Bubur Sumsum/ Ketan hitam
  • India (Gujarat)- Dudhapak
  • Iran- Firni
  • Philippines- Tsamporado
  • Hong Kong- Put Chai Ko

In Nordic countries, rice pudding is usually at dinner or breakfast while in the UK and the rest of the world, it is a popular dessert.

Best Rice to Use

Any rice varieties are great for rice pudding; any, apart from instant rice or ready-made rice products like parboiled. This will alter the texture and taste of the recipe in case you use it.

The most popular types of rice for rice pudding are the following:

The stickiness and creaminess are all that matter when it comes to cooking rice pudding. However, if you aim for a greater health value, then you may opt for brown rice, red rice, and even wild rice.

Types of Rice Cooker

Types of Rice Cooker

In today’s generation, we can say that we are lucky because of the innovations going on. We no longer need to endure long hours of cooking. We now have smart kitchen appliances which can work in so many ways than one.

Any electric rice cooker cooks rice pudding perfectly; it even tastes better. Modern, smart, and efficient technology makes cooking way faster and reliable.

Most chefs would agree that having smart appliances really makes the job easier and better. There are plenty of modern rice cookers that are able to cook rice pudding but Japanese rice cookers stand out. They are convenient with multi function cooking.

How to Cook Rice Pudding in a Rice Cooker

It doesn’t really matter whether you want rice pudding for dessert or as a whole meal, you can easily indulge into its creamy and comforting taste.

Now, let’s take a closer look on how to cook rice pudding in a rice cooker. We’ll be using a Zojirushi rice cooker for a nice and smooth cooking!

What we need:

  • 3/4 cup Arborio rice
  • 4 cups non fat milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 Tablespoons slivered almonds
  • 1/4 cup dried cherries
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon lemon extract
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon almond extract

How to Cook:

  1. Place the rice, milk, sugar, salt, dried cherries and almonds into the Zojirushi rice cooker, set the cooking menu to Porridge, close the lid and let it cook.
  2. While the rice is cooking, beat 1 egg in a large bowl and add a teaspoon of almond extract and ¼ lemon extract.
  3. When the Zojirushi rice cooker turns automatically to “keep warm” Gradually add the beaten egg mixture to the rice mixture. Be sure to add at least 1 tablespoon at a time to allow the eggs to dissolve completely. Stir vigorously.
  4. Serve!

Rice pudding in a rice cooker is so easy and yummy right? This recipe is not that sweet but it has its own unique sweetness that comes from the other ingredients.

Rice cookers have so many advantages and benefits especially to those busy households yet want to have some home-cooked meals! Its main purpose is to keep kitchen life better, do you agree?

There are so many ways to cook rice pudding in a rice cooker; here’s is one video that shows how to cook rice pudding in coconut milk and almonds.

Would You Cook?

Rice pudding is a fresh and best start for those who want to begin a culinary adventure. It is a simple yet delicious recipe that really makes it perfect comfort food. The best thing with rice pudding is that you can play well with the other ingredients. As long as you know the basics, you are sure that it will be a unique and healthy recipe.

Don’t worry about what equipment to use, all you need is an innovative rice cooker that will solve all your worries away! There are so many rice cookers to choose from from mini rice cookers to large one that will fit the entire household.

You can even tag along rice pudding while traveling by keeping a small rice cooker with you. So why not try rice pudding today?

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