How To Cook Long Grain Rice In A Rice Cooker, A Quick and Easy Method

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How To Cook Long Grain Rice In A Rice Cooker,

Did you know that long-grain rice is healthier than short-grain rice? Long-grain rice has a lower glycemic index than the short-grain. Find out how to cook long grain rice in a rice cooker in a quick and easy method.

Uniquely Long-grain

Rice is revered in many parts of the world and the more you get to know this grain, the more you will fall in love with its versatility and characteristics.

Many rice types have significant differences in terms of texture, water ratio, and cooking times.

One of the most notable kinds is the long-grain which is a popular staple especially in the Middle East and other parts of the world, especially its specialty called the aromatics.

When it comes to taste and texture, long-grain rice is drier than short-grain and the kernels do not stick together.

Types of Long Grain Rice

Long Grain Rice

Rice varieties are typically grouped according to their size, long-grain, medium-grain, and short-grain. Within these different sizes, there are also special types.

Long-grain rice contains less starch that is why you will notice that the cooked grains are drier, fluffier, and tends to separate.

If you are a big fan of Pilaf and rice salads then long-grain rice is the perfect choice for these recipes.

It is also an excellent choice for dishes with thick sauces and the many Mediterranean and Indian foods.

Long-grain rice has many different kinds such as:

  • regular long-grain rice
  • All-purpose long-grain
  • Parboiled long-grain
  • Wholegrain long-grain
  • And Aromatics (basmati rice, jasmine rice, and other specialties)

How Long Does Long Grain Rice Take To Cook?

how to cook white rice in a rice cooker

If you think that cooking rice is pretty upfront and simple, well, there’s actually a catch. The cooking time varies depending on the type, color, and size of the grain.

White, long-grain rice takes about 20-30 minutes to cook on a stovetop (until water is fully absorbed) while it takes about 25-35 minutes in a rice cooker (fully cooked).

Brown, long-grain rice may take about 30-35 minutes on the stovetop and roughly 30-40 minutes in a rice cooker.

However, different brands and producers also suggest cooking instructions on their labels so you won’t get confused.

Does Long Grain Rice Need More Water?

Apart from the cooking time, another essential thing that you need to know is that long-grain rice needs a little more water than the regular short or medium rice we cook.

That is if you rinse your rice or not before adding it to the cooker.

  • Brown, long-grain needs at least 2 and 1/4 cups of water to a cup of rice
  • White, long-grain, however, needs 1 and 3/4 cup of water in every cup of rice.

Soaking the grain, however, is another thing you need to consider. Placing the rice in a bowl of water for a minimum of 30 minutes actually lessens the cooking process and of course, reduces the amount of water needed when cooking.

Is Long Grain Rice Healthy?

Is Long Grain Rice Healthy

Although brown rice is considered the healthiest type because it is wholegrain, long-grain rice also has some advantages, especially to those who are keeping their body fit and healthy.

We normally hear that eating rice can spike carbohydrates and calorie intake, however, not all kinds of rice are that bad.

One of the long-grain rice advantages is its low glycemic index compared to short-grain rice. Glycemic Index (GI) measures according to its physiological ranking from 0 to 100 how carbohydrates in food are turned into glucose.

  • Basmati, long-grain has a GI score of 57
  • White, long-grain which has been boiled for approximately 15 minutes has a GI rating of 50
  • Brown, long-grain gas 54 GI score

Thus, it’s safe to say, long-grain rice is safe for diabetic people. Just remember that the longer you cook the rice, the higher it’s GI rating will be.

So better to keep it soft and not mushy or better yet, you can soak the rice before cooking!

How to Cook Long Grain Rice in a Rice Cooker

Whether you are making some delicious long-grain rice recipe or just a bowl of plain rice, cooking it in the rice cooker will make the process easier and better.

Because the rice cooker simplifies the cooking process just by adding in all the essential ingredients and it will cook accordingly.

There are even modern rice cookers that have integrated microcomputer technology to make cooking rice to perfection.

Here is a quick and easy guide on how to cook long grain rice in a rice cooker:

What you will need:

  • A cup of white, long-grain rice
  • 1 and 3/4 cup of water


  • A teaspoon of butter
  • Salt
  • Herbs and spices

How to Cook:

  1. Measure a cup of long-grain white rice and place it inside the rice cooker inner pot or a colander.
  2. Wash the rice under running water for at least 3 times or until the water is clear. Drain the water completely.
  3. Add 1 and 3/4 cups of water and place the pot inside the cooker. At this point, you may add in the optional ingredients.
  4. Turn the rice cooker on and let it cook. Conventional rice cookers only have 2 options which are Cook and Keep Warm, while modern and upgraded ones have more specific cooking menus.
  5. Once the rice is cooked or has switched to Keep Warm, let it rest for about 15 minutes then fluff it with fork or spatula and serve.


Cooking long-grain rice in a rice cooker is similar to the other varieties we know. The only difference is the amount of water used to cook the grains, regardless if it’s white or brown.

If you are using enriched long-grain rice, then washing is no longer needed since it might remove the nutrients and minerals added.

The rice cooker makes the cooking process quicker and convenient, particularly when preparing large portions of rice. Of course, washing and water ratio contribute more to the texture of the grain.

I hope you get to explore different long-grain rice recipes now that you know how to cook it perfectly using a rice cooker.

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