How to Cook Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker, A Quick and Easy Method

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How to Cook Arborio Rice in a Rice Cooker

Preparing brown rice for some healthy meal? Learn how to cook brown rice in a rice cooker for a quick and easy way!

Why Choose Brown Rice?

As one of the staple foods in the kitchen, brown rice is truly a versatile ingredient. It can go well with the majority of easy-to-prepare dishes but it can also be a part of a  specialty dish if prepared properly.

Either way, brown rice is a great go-to food for both quick meals and more complicated dishes. This whole grain rice variety goes through a process of removing the outer hull, which makes it healthier and different in flavor than other varieties.

Brown Rice Benefits

Brown rice benefits

It’s not only the taste that makes brown rice a great choice in the kitchen but also its great nutritional values. Brown rice is generally considered the healthiest type of rice, as it contains far more nutrients than white rice or any other variety. This type of rice features a mild nutty flavor so, if you’re not used to it, keep in mind that the flavor differs from the flavor of white rice.

While some people dislike the slightly chewier texture of brown rice, some cook it just for this reason. Unlike the majority of rice varieties that end up being too sticky and soft after cooking, brown rice remains nice and firm in texture all the way through. The Chinese name for this rice variety literally translates into the rough rice but don’t let that discourage you since brown rice is actually not that hard to chew.

Recently, people have been talking about too much arsenic being found in brown rice but, even though there is a certain amount of the element found in this rice variety, it is not harmful to our bodies. In fact, brown rice is very beneficial to our health, being a great source of protein and vitamins.

Rice Cooker vs Stove: Which One Should You Choose?

I think the answer is pretty obvious here. There is no doubt that the rice cooker wins this battle since it is far more convenient for preparing brown rice, or any rice variety for that matter. There are plenty of different rice cookers available on the market, ranging in prices from the extremely affordable ones under 30$ to the more advanced, professional models that sell for hundreds of dollars.

Even if you have the most basic rice cooker model in your kitchen, it is going to be a better choice for cooking rice than the traditional stove top method. Rice cookers are generally easy to clean after use and they making cooking much simpler. All you have to do is put the ingredients into the appliance and turn the cooker on.

I don’t think it can get any simpler than using a rice cooker. While cooking on the stove requires checking the clock every few minutes, a rice cooker will allow you to relax and sit back until the job is done. A simple timer feature will notify you once your food is prepared so you don’t have to stand next to it for full 30 minutes or longer.

How to Prepare Brown Rice

How to Prepare Brown Rice

Brown rice is naturally high in fiber and, besides its nutritional benefits, it features a great flavor. However, the way you cook it is highly going to influence the way the rice tastes on your plate. To make sure your next serving of brown rice is as perfect as it can get, follow the steps below!


We are going, to begin with, rinsing the rice. Many people often skip this step because they’re in a hurry or they don’t see the point of it but rinsing the rice prior to cooking is actually very important. It does not only remove dust from the rice grains but it also improves the texture of the rice.

Rice to Water Ratio

Therefore, for a better and fuller taste, rinse your rice prior to moving on with the cooking process. Now put the rice inside the cooker. This may sound like the simplest step but there is an important trick behind it. The water to rice ratio you choose at the beginning of the process is going to determine the quality of the rice.

Brown Rice Cooking Setting

Pros and Cons of Rice Cooker

Most rice cooker models have measurements marked on the device. However, these measurements can often trick you so, this time we are going to ignore them. Let’s say you’re preparing two cups of brown rice. Instead of filling the cooker with water up to the 2 cup mark, add some more water to fill it to the next, 3 cup mark.

The reason we are doing this is that the correct water to rice ratio when preparing brown rice equals two cups of rice to three cups of water. If you are preparing one cup of rice, then add 1.5 cups of water. For three cups of rice, add 4.5 cups of water. With simple math, you can easily figure out the right ratio if you’re preparing larger quantities.

Therefore, for two cups of brown rice add three cups of water and throw in half a tablespoon of salt. Brown rice generally cooks longer than white rice so set the timer for 30 minutes and let the appliance do the job. Once the timer goes off, fluff the rice with a spoon and serve it with the rest of your meal.


Whether you choose a short grain, long grain, basmati or jasmine brown rice, cooking it in a rice cooker is the best way to go. You will certainly save some time since you won’t have to constantly check on the stove. Besides, rice prepared in a rice cooker often has better texture and flavor than rice cooked traditionally in a pot, which is why many people choose the modern appliance over traditional methods.

Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know of any experiences you’ve had with cooking brown rice in a rice cooker. Also, let us know if this article was useful and if you would like to see more topics like this one!

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