Green Smoothie Diet Cleanse for Weight Loss

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Green Smoothie Diet Cleanse for Weight Loss

Imagine going green in terms of a diet with low calories and coming out as a healthier person. Boost your immunity against diseases by consuming nutrient-rich smoothies as an individual or as a family. And this is not a gamble but something to guarantee you good health together with your loved ones.

Smoothies are very popular nowadays among family members or busy individuals who are always time-oriented. It’s, however, essential to consider your health condition before getting on the green smoothie bandwagon. After all, your health condition is your top priority.

Green smoothies are a mixture of fruits such as apple, kiwi, avocado, and green vegetables. After blending them, you get a full package of essential nutrients and vitamins for a healthy body.

As for green vegetables, their green color indicates that the vegetables contain chlorophyll, magnesium, iron, folic acid, and calcium. The denser the green, the higher it’s content.

Why Should You Start Drinking Green Smoothies More Often?

Besides the benefits of fruits you use on your green smoothie, green vegetables that contain chlorophyll are full of vitamins (A, C, E, K). They can increase your body’s metabolic and digestive function, especially in its role as a powerful antioxidant.

The antioxidants available in green smoothie recipes help improve immunity, hence reducing any risk of diseases. Indeed, our body does have a natural antioxidant. The question remains on whether that can resist exposure to free radicals that are increasing these days.

Furthermore, green smoothies are one of the best ways to support your weight loss diet. Apart from exercising and doing other activities, you can use green smoothies to help you cut out extra weight.

Making green smoothies also takes no time and even more comfortable when you use a blender with pre-programmed settings. Therefore, it could be the best and most natural thing to do first thing in the morning while you’re doing other morning activities.

Why are Green Smoothies Better than Other types of Smoothies?

Green smoothies are way much ahead of other types of smoothies or juices regarding nutrients and improving immunity, including health. Green smoothies come packed with more nutrients. To clarify, they are a mixture of nutritious vegetables and fruits – even better compared to smoothies that lack this combination of different produce.

Don’t forget the chlorophyll factor on the green vegetables. It becomes the big difference that makes green smoothies diet better than other types of smoothies. Whatever your green smoothie ingredients are, if you include green vegetables, you will get higher antioxidant levels than regular smoothies.

And if you are on a weight loss program, you can drink green smoothies to replace regular meals because the fiber quantities from the fruits and vegetables present in them can keep you full during the day.

Green Detox Smoothie Diet Tips

The fact that green smoothies are made from fruits and vegetables makes anyone consume it, whether it’s a kid or an adult, is free to drink smoothies because there are no health restrictions about a green smoothie diet.

The only thing that may become matter is the taste of some vegetables that a little bitter. But do not worry at all; there are plenty of tips and tricks to overpower it. With a perfect combination of ingredients and a good smoothie blender, you will find a tasty green smoothie.

Tips: If your smoothie tastes bitter, you could put some pieces of pineapple or banana. These fruits make your green smoothie taste more delicious.

It’s best not to blend the green vegetables on your green smoothie for more than 2 minutes to get the maximum benefits of chlorophyll from them. The longer you blend them, the more heat from the blender machine gets exposed to the vegetables.

Notes: Chlorophyll is very unstable on heating; the heat from the blender can make the chlorophyll damaged, that’s why it recommended using an excellent blender that can crush all the ingredients in a matter of a minute or less.

Different people have found the green smoothie diet as a way to improve body immunity. Green smoothies reduce any risk of common diseases; hence you can keep drinking it to stay healthy.

If you are worried about what a green smoothie diet can cause to your body, then the best option would be seeing a nutritionist. They will give further advice on whether it would be the right thing to do.

Anyone who has hypoglycemia or diabetes should seek medical advice before eating green smoothies. This is due to some amounts of fruits that may be part of their green smoothie.


Green smoothies are easy to make, easy to clean up, are super healthy, and taste delicious. They help you consume more green vegetables and fruits, which are incredibly beneficial for your health.

Healthy green smoothie diets also provide mental clarity. So, you may find yourself feeling calmer, less anxious, and more energized during the day after drinking your green smoothie in the morning. Most importantly, you can lose weight, too!

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