Best Vacuum Blender Reviews in 2023

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Best Vacuum Blender Reviews

There are many different types of blenders available, but a modern one is a vacuum blender. Some of you may wonder, what is it? And how does it differ from a regular blender?

We will explain these blenders’ benefits in more detail and then take you through the best vacuum blenders available on the market right now.

What is a Vacuum Blender?

While homemade freshly prepared juices, shakes, and smoothies have become very popular, they pose a few challenges. These fresh drinks have the potential to be extremely healthy. However, two factors can seriously reduce the nutrient quality and the drink’s health benefits: heat and oxygen.

The heat will degrade the nutrients, while oxygen also causes them to break down. Traditional blenders can still make great juice, but you should consume the juice immediately. Meanwhile, vacuum blenders remove the air and, therefore, the oxygen from the ingredients. This process prevents oxidation.

As a result, you can shakes or smoothies and blends in advance and store them in the refrigerator for later consumption. They will not brown or discolor, will not have foam or air bubbles, and will not separate.

Slow juicers are another good option and do not produce heat. However, they do not prevent oxidation, so the juices or blends need to be consumed immediately to ensure you get the maximum nutrients. The prevention of oxidation is what gives vacuum blenders a distinct advantage.

What makes it different?

As their main goal is to prevent oxidation, these blenders have a tight seal to ensure the vacuum remains in place, so you do not have to go through the daily hassle of making your favorite blend. You can whip up a larger batch and know it will still be good even after a few days in the fridge.

There are two main types of vacuum blenders available. Some have an electric pump that automatically pumps the air out while others create the vacuum using a manual pump. The latter is slightly more hassle but still quick and easy to operate. Some models function purely as vacuum blenders, while others are more versatile and allow you to make a range of other healthy and delicious blends.

Depending on the design, some will make juices, shakes, and smoothies and have the ability to make nut butter, grind coffee beans, herbs and spices, and even crush ice. Most will also make sorbets, frozen drinks, and other treats.

A few of them can cope with soft food such as leafy greens, and some can make hot soups. Give some thought to what you want to do with your vacuum blender before making your selection.

Top Vacuum Blenders on the Market

Based on extensive research and careful consideration, we chose the top 7 vacuum blenders you can get on the market. So without further ado, here is the list:

1. Kuvings Vacuum Sealed Auto Blender SV500S – Our Top Pick

We choose Kuvings SV500S as our first recommended vacuum blender on the list. This model’s standout features include a powerful motor, a great noise reduction cover for quiet operation and a decent 7-year warranty for peace of mind.

The motor is a decent 1700-watts and has variable speed to create the perfect consistency from a range of ingredients.

It is also super easy to use thanks to the auto blend technology, which will take the effort and guesswork out of making the perfect blends, shakes, dressing, and other creations. This product is one of the easiest and most user-friendly blenders you will find.

Noise is a common complaint with blenders, and the Kuvings Vacuum Sealed Blender has a well-insulated motor to dampen the noise. This feature will allow you to make your healthy, delicious blends without waking up the entire house and the neighbors.

The vacuum technology ensures minimal separation and foam as it draws out most of the air to reduce oxidation. The 40 oz. vacuum storage container is BPA free, so you know it is safe for the whole family.

The blender has a variable speed control allowing you to get the perfect consistency every time. It has an advanced 6 blade designwhich also helps with efficient blending of a wide range of ingredients. The blender also has an attractive design that will look good on any countertop.


  • Powerful motor
  • User-friendly
  • Variable Speed
  • Comes with 7-year warranty


  • Relatively costly
  • The jar is only 40 oz

2. Tribest Dynapro – Commercial Grade Vacuum Blender

The Tribest Dynapro is a commercial grade or professional blender but equally suited to home use. It comes with a BPA-free 64 oz container, making it highly versatile and will cope well with a wide range of ingredients.

The powerful 2.5 HP motor has a 30 000 RPM speed with that plenty of power; it will happily blend frozen fruit, crushed ice, and even blend leafy greens. You can take note that not all vacuum blenders can do this.

The vacuum feature is operated by a handheld pump to prevent oxidation and retain the ingredients’ integrity and nutrient value. Other handy features include a thermochromic ink raw temperature indicator as well as a backlit LCD.

The one-touch button makes operation easy and convenient. You can choose between pulse, blend, or a combination of the two. You can also operate it manually or on a countdown timer. One of the best things about this model is the outstanding 15-year warranty, which demonstrates that it is well made and durable.


  • Commercial grade quality
  • Outstanding 15-Year warranty
  • Large 64 oz. blending container
  • One-touch preset buttons
  • Temperature controller and LCD


  • A little bit noisy
  • Preparation time can be slow
  • Rather costly
  • On the heavy side

If you are looking commercial grade vacuum blender, this is the best option. One of the best features of this model is an excellent 15-year warranty. While it might cost a bit more than some other models, you know it will last you well. It has plenty of power and a large blending capacity.

3. Pado Ozen 500 – Compact and Sleek Design

If you are looking for a vacuum blender that will match your modern kitchen design, then the Pado Ozen 500 is the right choice for you.

Not only it has a sleek, compact design which will compliment your kitchen. Their vacuum technology is the most innovative among the other competitors; that is why Pado Ozen 500 becomes the only UL certified vacuum blender.

The fast blend action further enhances the vacuum blending technology. This feature will give you pure, fresh blends that are free of bubbles and do not separate.

They will not brown and will retain their nutrient content for days in the fridge. They look great, taste delicious, and are incredibly healthy. This blender can handle leafy greens and a wide range of ingredients, making it perfect for making smoothies or juices.


  • No oxidation, no bubbles, and no separation
  • Perfect for smoothies or juices
  • Good safety features
  • Compact and sleek design
  • UL Certification


  • Slightly pricey
  • Not the strongest blender
  • Not great for crushed ice

Pado Ozen 500 is a popular blender that most people are happy with it. It is perfect for simple blending tasks, while it can be challenging to blender solid foods or ice cubes.

4. Optimum VAC2 – The Strongest One

Optimum VAC 2 is a well-priced option with a lot to offer. It has a very good 2238 watts of power, making it strong enough to quickly and easily blend most ingredients.

The six stainless steel blades will breeze through fruit and vegetables and ice, coffee beans, and herbs and spices. The vacuum function works perfectly and will retain the blends’ nutrients, keeping it fresh for longer and healthy for days in the fridge.

The Optimum VAC2 features a generous 2-liter jug so you can make large batches at a time. It has BPA-free components, so it is completely safe.

It is convenient and easy to use, and has 15 different functions. The high-speed operation and custom bearing ensure that very little heat is produced, which prevents the nutrients’ degradation in your blended ingredients.

You can make healthier smoothies, shakes, sorbets, nut butter, and a range of other products quickly and with minimal effort. Something else you can make, without the vacuum option, is delicious hot soup. You can turn the vacuum function on or off, which is one reason it gives you such great versatility.

Other benefits of this model are that it comes with a recipe book, a tamper, and even spare seals.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Very large 2-liter blending jug
  • Decent warranty
  • Digital display


  • Slightly noisy
  • The beeping buttons annoy some users

The Optimum VAC 2 has a great capacity to save you time and effort and more than enough power to get the job done. It also has a good warranty for peace of mind that your investment will last you many years. Furthermore, the digital display adds to the convenience, and the blade design is excellent.

5. Ninja Smart Screen Duo – Blender with FreshVac Technology

Almost all of the latest Ninja Kitchen blenders now have a vacuum technology called FreshVac technology.

One of them is Ninja Smart Screen Duo,the successor of the famous Ninja Smart blender, which has proven to be one of the best blenders in the market.

This blender has 1,400 watts motor, which will turn the sharp “cyclone” blades in the middle of the jar. When you buy this model, you will get a 72 oz jar and two on the go jars, all of which are BPA free.

Similar with Tribest blender, to vacuum the jar this blender use a FreshVac Pump which you need to attach on the jar lid.


  • Great value for money
  • User-friendly
  • Six stainless steel blades
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Compact


  • Low power
  • Rather noisy

If you want a value for money option without a great compromise this is a good option. It is versatile and well designed for great blending.

6. Omorc 50 – Best for Limited Budget.

Omroc 50 is a budget option, and it has a low powered 800-watt motor. Despite this, they have done a good job with the design and manufacture as it is a popular, well-loved choice.

The vacuum technology works well so that you will have no oxidation and no bubbles. The juice or blends will retain the goodness and not discolor. You will also have a decent shelf life if you refrigerate the blended mixture.

You can make a range of smoothies, shakes, health drinks. You can even go as far as make some ice cream, frozen desserts, and even blend ingredients such as nuts, coffee beans, and spices. It has six stainless steel blades to cope with these ingredients effectively.

The Omorc 50 Vacuum Blender is user-friendly and easy to clean. Parts are dishwasher safe and it has handy suction cups to keep it in place. It also features a convenient cable storage tray.


  • Great value for money
  • Compact and user-friendly
  • Six stainless steel blades
  • Easy to clean


  • Low power
  • Rather noisy

If you want a value for money option without a great compromise this is a good option. Additionally, it is versatile and well designed for great blending.

7. Bonsenkitchen High-Speed Blender

This one is easy to use and a hassle-free high-speed blender. The 1500-Watt motor drives six blunt tackles to effectively work on a range of fruit and vegetables (even if frozen) as well as nuts, ice, and a host of other ingredients.

The quality copper motor is built for performance and durability and can produce 2 HP power.

Furthermore, the vacuum action will ensure no oxidation and a smooth fresh blend packed full of nutrients. They will last well without separating or browning. You can choose the speed and operate the blender manually or on a timer. You get a 50 oz. blending jug and a 28 oz. storage jug. And certainly, both are BPA-free.


  • Reasonable price
  • Auto clean function
  • Variable speed


  • Not the best quality

In conclusion, the Bonsenkitchen High-Speed Vacuum Blender is well priced, easy to use, and quite versatile. Moreover, it can handle a wide range of ingredients and produces quality results.


You cannot deny the benefits of these blenders. Unless you drink your blended drinks immediately, a vacuum blender is a clear winner.

Consider your blending technology needs and then select the one that will work best for you. All of the options we reviewed are quality and competent machines and among the available options.